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Observational studies performed by res4Q FINE Services strictly follow study protocols and scientific procedures and are completely different from standard market research projects or public opinion pools. These studies do not use the available data on consumption, but apply methods of Evidence Based Medicine in order to generate valid and consistent results.

Nutritional research projects consist of research and analysis of scientific literature, bibliographic review, design and management of observational studies, paper drafting and publication in specialized magazines, presentation of scientific works at scientific congresses all over the world.

Present experience includes:

The tools, specifically designed for each project, are questionnaires aimed at evaluating dietary habits, physical activity, education, socio-economic and psychological condition; implemented when required by experimental studies, for example consumption tests (ad libitum).

The standardization of tools and development of new instruments, tailored each time following client's requests, are always guaranteed, allowing to create a personalized study with an outcome ready to be used and implemented.

Due to the upcoming changes in the legislation, many labels and advertising campaigns, currently in action or in production, carry a risk of violating the regulations. These changes might dramatically change the trading scenario of food sector. Same considerations could be made when considering a product already existing in another market, newly imported in a specific country.

res4Q FINE Services is ready to meet this challenge by offering to the players of the food industry various consulting services:



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