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res4Q is Zeta Research's service dedicated to tailor scientific studies on specific needs, in the fields of Cosmetics, Homeopathy, Phytotherapy, Nutrition, Functional Foods and Supplements.

Whether the interest is developing a new product claim, or there's the need to understand the potential effect of products use and consumption in targeted customers, res4Q is the right choice to ease the pathway and get sound data.

res4Q can identify the right methods and lead your steps towards the right direction, assisting and implementing an ad-hoc research, in order to quickly and professionally answer your necessities.

res4Q is your personal think tank whose mission is to bring your product or service to its best!



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Those who turn to res4Q most often ask for rigorous testing, analysis and experimentation, with the objective to give scientific value, therapeutic relevance or cosmetic validation to their products, with the aim to achieve a broader target of users or prescribers, to support marketing strategies and advertising campaigns as well as comply with legal requirements for the placing on the market.

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homeopathic plants

Homeopathy & Phytotherapy

Whetever the need is to understand consumers likes and dislikes in a Homeopathy and Phytotherapy area. res4Q can be the prompt answer.

Advanced and up-to-date market research will provide to Cosmetic clients deep insights and new points of view.

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children eating ice-cream

FINE - Nutrition

Lead by that over the years res4Q has developed a set of skills, tools and specific techniques that allows to provide customers with tailor-made research projects able to bring accurate in depth results on virtually any aspect of food industry, from the evaluation of specific characteristics of products, to the development of complete nutrition facts label.

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food and pills

FINE - Functional Food & Supplements

res4Q FINE Services offers to its customers consulting not only on supplements, effects and advertising but it offers also the complete evaluation and identification of properties of functional foods as required by the expert authorities both in Italy and on the European level. res4Q FINE Services guarantees an up-to-date and qualified assistance during the entire production process.

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